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DIGISKY is the contemporary rendition of the exposure meter. Technology and features are at their usual high levels and new standards are being set with regard to design and ease of operation. The compact DIGISKY is laid out for use in the studio as well as outdoors, and is equipped with an adjustable diffuser for flat and spherical measurements. It’s capable of incident and reflected light measurements for flash and ambient light, which are displayed in full, 1/2 or 1/3 increments depending on the selected setting.

In the case of flash measurement, this can be triggered manually, via synchronizing cable or wireless with the Broncolor RFS2.1, Elinchrom Skyport / Skyspeed, Phottix Strato II (Strato, Atlas II) and Calumet Pro series compatible radio module. If the Broncolor or Elinchrom flash heads support the function, the power can be adjusted via the exposure meter and the modeling light can be switched.

The DIGISKY masters all common lighting situations for analog and digital photography, as well as for filmmaking, with outstanding precision and time-tested quality.

559,00 €
Measuring sensor 2 color corrected silicon photodiodes:
1 for incident and 1 for reflective
light measurement
Spherical diffusor (photography)
Flat diffusor (reproductions and lighting technology)
Angle of acceptance for reflected light measurement 20°
Ambient light measuring range (at ISO 100/21°) EV -2.5 to 18.5
Repetition accuracy +/- 0.1 EV
Exposure time 1/8000 sec. to 30 min
f-stops f/0.5 to f/128
Flash measuring range (at ISO 100/21°) f/0.5 to f/128
Flash synchronizing time (measurement time) 1 to 1/1000 sec. incl. 1/90
CINE values 2 fps to 1000 fps
incl. 25 fps to 30 fps (TV)
Correction value +/- 15.0
Film sensitivity ISO 3 to 16000 in 1/3 increments
Measured value memory
USB 2.0 port
Firmware update
Charging function
Memory 1 filmmaking and 3 camera profiles
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